Green working.


Prosperity flows where green grows.

Green working makes employees happier. An abundance of greenery also enhances creativity and innovation. The employees are less inclined to take sick days, and there are other benefits that extend far beyond the workday.

Employees of today and the next generation yearn for such environments where the emphasis is on health and happiness. 

Science says…

The business case for green offices.

Numerous studies, including the COGfxStudy by Harvard University, show the incredible benefits green-certified offices have on cognitive function. 

• 31% higher performance in business strategy
• 38% higher focus on activities
• 44% higher decision-making skills
• 73% higher response in a crisis



Green every day keeps the doctor away.

2019 study by Wageningen Environmental Research discovered six positive benefits of green in the workplace:


1. Air humidity

The relative humidity in spaces with plants is 5% higher on average than in areas without plants. An improvement of 17% was measured during winter.

2. Thermic comfort

Employees are less likely to perceive the temperature in an office space as too hot or too cold.

3. More attractive

People find their workplace more attractive to look at after plants have been introduced. 

4. Mood

The mood of employees after plants have been placed is more positive than before. They also tend to worry less about work during their free time.

5. Satisfaction about performance

People are more content with their performance when plants are in the workspace. 

6. Less sick leave

People who work in a space with plants report 20% less sick for work: an average of 1.6 days less sick leave per employee per year.