Wonderwoods is emerging in the aspirational Beurskwartier district within Utrecht. The Jaarbeursexhibition and conference centre is next door. And it’s minutes on foot from a major transport hub with fast European and international connections.


Utrecht Central Station.

Utrecht CS is one of the largest transport hubs in the Netherlands where trains, buses and trams seamlessly connect. Annually, more than 90 million passengers pass through here: approximately 250,000 people per day. 


Amsterdam: 25 min | Schiphol Airport: 30 min | Rotterdam: 40 min | The Hague: 40 min | Eindhoven: 50 min


Amsterdam: 25 min | Schiphol Airport: 35 min | Rotterdam: 40 min | The Hague: 40 min | Eindhoven: 1 hour

Tram | Bus

Utrecht (historic city centre) – 5 min 

NB: Times are approximate.

30 minutes to Schiphol Airport. Then…


London – 1 hour
Berlin – 1 hour
Hong Kong – 11 hours
New York – 8 hours 
Shanghai – 10.5 hours
Tokyo – 11 hours

 NB: Times are approximate.

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Utrecht. Second to London for business.

Utrecht was ranked as the second most competitive region in Europe after London (European Regional Competitiveness Index 2016). Renowned for its world-class universities and research institutes, Utrecht boasts the most highly educated workforce in the Netherlands. The fastest-growing and healthiest city in the Netherlands is also rapidly transforming into a tour de force of European importance.  

  • 8 million skilled employees live within 1 hour’s travel of Utrecht 

  • More than 170 million consumers live within a 500km radius 

  • A vibrant business community: more than 900 foreign companies 

  • 46% of the regions’ employees have a university degree 

  • Utrecht University is one of Europe’s top research universities – ranked #1 in the Netherlands and #23 in Europe 

  • A highly-educated, talent-rich working population: 46% of the regions’ employees possess a university degree

  • Utrecht was named as the most competitive region in the EU in 2010 and 201?

A smart and sustainable neighbourhood.

Smart Sustainable District

The Beurskwartiers was one of the first districts to be selected by Climate-KIC for their Smart Sustainable District (SSD) programme, a European initiative aimed at boosting resource efficiency, reducing energy consumption and addressing climate change challenges. 


The area around Utrecht CS is currently being redeveloped as part of an ambitious project known as CU2030. The new design connects the station with the historic city centre to form one dynamic and coherent core. Emphasis is on a sustainable future: low emission buildings; pleasant spaces for cyclists and pedestrians and public transport; and solar panels above the station’s platforms. Below the station, the world’s largest bicycle garage recently opened with parking for 12,500 bicycles. 

De Jaarbeurs

Over the next few years, the Jaarbeursexhibition and conference centre is undergoing a €100 million renovation, including a complete metamorphosis of the Beatrixgebouw by architect Winy Maas (MVRDV). The Jaarbeurs complex – which rubs shoulders with Wonderwoods – will also be home to a 1.5-megawatt solar-powered battery for ultra-fast recharging of electric cars.