Happiness 2.0

We at Wonderwoods, help nature flourish in the city and restore our connection with it. 

The power of nature.

Nature restores. It allows us to recharge and sustain ourselves throughout the day – especially in the city. It’s a veritable antidote to our screen-filled, deadline-fuelled world when it can often be hard to switch off. And then there’s being part of a vibrant neighbourhood – with all the benefits nature brings.

Happiness is:

• Being invigorated by lush greenery
• Taking time out to enjoy a garden view or a wildlife visitor 
• Natural daylight and fresh air streaming through
• The gentle hum of nature as an auditory backdrop

A healthy urban microclimate – all year round.

The green really will help us thrive. Trees and plants on and around the Wonderwoods towers will breathe in carbon dioxide and other harmful gases and breathe out oxygen. They will also absorb pollutants such as dust, pollen and exhaust fumes, massively improving the air quality.

But that’s not all. The trees will also reduce noise pollution and energy usage in offices by providing shade and lowering the temperatures in summer. In winter, they’ll shield the buildings – and streets below – from winds. 

And naturally, an abundance of wildlife that will be drawn here will ensure spontaneous entertainment, day and night.